Monday, March 14, 2011

Have no fear, Spring is near!

Very often I here from so many people of how they want spring to come faster because of all the nice weather, blooming nature, and no school. So to all those people, have no fear because spring is most definitely near.
In my opinion, spring is probably the most laziest season of all because it's when the days get a drastic change into a cool, more laid-back type of mood. Combine that with all the school days off and you'll have yourself the laziest, most "chill" season of all.
But I have nothing against spring. I myself am also a lazy person so I love when the weather changes and everything becomes so calm outside. It gives me the sense of relaxation and purification of the mind.
In fact, I wrote this blog to remind myself not to complain, but to rather enjoy the winter while it's still here. Who knows? Maybe in the middle of the hot and dry days of summer I'll be missing the winter.