Sunday, November 7, 2010

a Final End, and a New Beginning

I woke up today thinking it'd be another freezing day and that I'd have to double up all my clothing. But to my surprise I stepped outsde into a warm atmosphere with a kind of soothing mood. I soon realized that this weather won't stay long. A new front was coming in. A cold one. Autumn would soon be leaving us and a new season would be rolling in; Winter.
To me winter is fine and all but I truly despise one thing about it. Beside the fact that I feel like I'm going to freeze my toes off, snow is my main hatred. While growing up I was in love with snow. It fascinated me in ways no one can possibly imagine. But as I grew older, my interest in snow bored me as the winters passed. I used to play in it every day, savoring all the moments I can get before the winter passed, but now I step outside and look at it with disgust.
I dislike how it doesn't do anything other than blocking the streets resulting in mass amounts of traffic. It's cold, harsh details make winter impossible to enjoy.
But now that I realize winter will always be here I've learned to accept it. In the end snow is inevitable so I just let it be. So as fall comes to an end and winter begins I'll find new aspects of winter to enjoy for example, the holidays and its no-school days. And with that I wish you a nice winter.

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